University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen is the largest public educational institution in Denmark, which also has a huge research and training center. University was opened June 1, 1479 by King Christian I. The university was created by the type of German universities. The first faculty of the University of Copenhagen was theological, in 1736, opened a law school, founded in 1788, has two faculties – Philosophy and Medicine in 1850 – Mathematics.

The total area of ??the buildings belonging to the university, is 630 thousand square meters. The Copenhagen University has over 37,000 students, of whom seven hundred men – students from 65 countries.The teaching staff is about 8,000 employees. There is a system of international exchange of students, staff, research and development programs. For foreign students have English language training courses ..

Today, the university, there are several departments: social, humanitarian, theology, medicine, science, law. The structure of the degree at the university is divided into three levels. The first level – Bachelor, second level – Master’s degree, the third level – a doctoral degree. The university has 64 department and 9 research centers, and laboratories. Classes for students spend in the classroom, research centers, as well in the Botanical Garden.

The purpose of the University of Copenhagen – to prepare highly qualified specialists from around the world in all industries. Nobel laureates are the ten graduates, including one of the famous physicists of the twentieth century, Niels Bohr.