Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, is known worldwide as an entertainment and cultural center of recreation for people of all ages.The park is located on eight acres in the heart of the Danish capital.

August 15, 1843 Tivoli opened the doors to the public. The founder of this beautiful recreation center was a Danish officer Georg Carstensen, who was able to convince the Christian VIII to this plot of land for the park. Today the park is the third largest in Europe, among the most popular entertainment centers. Tivoli is open five months a year. During this period, his time to visit about four million people. Love to come here and tourists from around the world, and the people of Copenhagen and its suburbs. Park always rebuilt, improved, now a recreation center also continues to evolve.

Tivoli has lovely fountains, Moorish Mosque, Lake, Chinese pagoda, a concert hall, a theater and even Mime remains of the medieval city wall. Park full of lots of attractions for children and adults. The most popular attraction is the Demon roller coaster and the world’s tallest carousel Star Flyer. Recently, the Tivoli opened two new attraction “Vertigo” and “Pendulum”.

In the park there are plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes where you can eat, enjoy freshly brewed beer and mulled wine, a walk through the alleys, watch light show of fountains on the lake. Especially beautiful in Tivoli in the evening, when a large number of multicolored lights fill the park.