Thorvaldsen Museum

Magnificent historical landmark of Copenhagen and Denmark is the Thorvaldsen Museum. It is close to the royal residence Christiansborg.

By order of King Frederick VI of the lot of land specifically for the construction of the museum, the author of this structure was a young architect MG Bindesbell. On the central front of the building has five doors, the exterior walls of the buildings are decorated with beautiful figural frescoes in the museum there is a patio. The windows in the gallery located high above the ground, lined with multicolored mosaics, ceiling vaults are decorated with patterns in the Pompeian style.

In the lobby on the first floor of the museum is a sculpture of Thorvaldsen, the second floor there are paintings in the basement of the building – office space. In addition, one can observe the process of creating the sculpture.

The gallery Thorvaldsen collected many statues dedicated to a Roman deity Adonis, Hercules, Psyche and many others. The museum has about 20,000 items, mostly, it is the work of the Thorvaldsen, his works of art, made in plaster, marble set of drawings, sketches. Also in the museum are to inspect personal collection of Bertel Thorvaldsen – interior, glass and bronze, musical instruments, clothing, snuff boxes, coins, glasses, and, of course, tools.

March 24, 1844 heart stopped beating the great sculptor Thorvaldsen, he died a week before the opening of the museum in his honor. The ashes of the famous Danish sculptor was moved from Copenhagen Cathedral courtyard of the museum.

Today in museums Thorvaldsen conduct various exhibitions and cultural events for children and adults give lessons in painting and drawing.