State Museum of Art

State Museum of Art, or as it is called, the Danish National Gallery, located near the Nyhavn opposite Christiansborg royal residence. The basis of the gallery will be a good collection of pictures of King Christian IV.Caretaker House Art Gerhard Morel advised King Frederik V to construct a building of the gallery.

Building, which houses the museum was built in 1889-96, respectively. The authors of the building design in the style of the Italian Renaissance were two famous Danish architect Dalerup and Moeller. In 1998, the Museum of Art was built a new wing of the building, architects buildings were Anna Maria Indri and Mads M?ller. Tuning-in facility is located in a park behind the old museum building. The old and the new building is connected by covered glass gallery.

The museum has an excellent collection of sculptures and paintings from the XVII century. Today it houses about 9,000 sculptures, 3,000 drawings, 9,000 paintings, many sketches, prints, from the ancient times and the Middle Ages and ending with the Renaissance. Of particular interest is the picture of the beautiful Italian artist Andrea Mantegna’s “Christ the Redeemer”. The National Gallery contains paintings by many famous artists such as Cranach the Younger, Titian, Tintoretto, Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Michelangelo, D?rer, Bruegel the Elder and Younger Brueghel. Magnificent works of art of the museum are of great cultural and historical value.