Rosenborg Palace

Rosenborg Palace – a historic building in the center of Copenhagen. Large architectural complex was designed by King Christian IV in 1606-1624 years as a summer royal residence. In 1624, the castle was re-designed in the Flemish Renaissance architect Hans Stenvinkel Junior. From that time to the present appearance of the castle has not changed.Magnificent all been decorated ballroom, where a gala receptions, balls and royal audience. In 1710, Frederick IV and his family left the palace Rosenborg. Since returning to the residence of the kings of only two times – in 1794, when Christiansborg burned down, and in 1801 at the Copenhagen battle.

In 1838, the Royal Palace Rosenborg was open for visitors. In the palace presented a beautiful collection of jewelry, jewelry, portraits, porcelain, weapons and interior.Particularly interesting to see the exhibition of royal jewels, jewels and coronation carpet.

Summer palace Rosenborg especially beautiful as the palace are the Royal Gardens.It really is the very royal gardens laid by Christian IV in the Renaissance. About 2.5 million people a year visit the gardens, admiring the many species of plants and flowers. In 2001, opened a new garden in the Renaissance style.

Rosenborg Palace is one of the most famous and important historical sites in Denmark. Castle visits annually large number of tourists from all over the world.