Grundtvig’s Church

One of the most original churches in the world is the church of Grundtvig. This Lutheran church, which is located in Bispeberg Copenhagen. Grundtvig’s Church is named after the Danish theologian, renowned theologian and More »

Little Mermaid statue

Little Mermaid statue – one of the most popular attractions of the city of Copenhagen. The monument depicts the heroine of fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The statue is situated at the entrance More »

Copenhagen Opera House

On an island in the center of Copenhagen is the National Opera House, which is a structural unit of the Royal Danish Theatre. After a lengthy debate the Danish Parliament approved the construction More »

New Theatre

One of the most beautiful theaters in Denmark is the new theater, which is located in the central area of ??Copenhagen – Vesterbo. Developed the initial project construction famous Danish architect Lorenz More »


Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall – the administrative building, which hosts a meeting of the Municipal Council and the mayor’s office was located in Copenhagen. Town Hall was built in 1479, but due to the construction of urban fires burns down twice – in 1728 and 1795. The current town hall, which we can see today, was built in 1893-1905 years.

Christiansborg Palace

One of the most important historical sites in the city of Copenhagen is the Royal Palace Christiansborg on the island Slotskholmen. The founder of the castle in 1167, became Bishop Absalon, who is also the founder and most of Copenhagen. In 1249, the castle was occupied and burned army L?beck, which Denmark led a trade war.

Exchange (Bercy)

Bercy – Building the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, one of the major historical landmarks. The construction is on the island Slotskholmen in central Copenhagen.From 1625 to 1974, the building was Bercy Copenhagen Stock Exchange, founded by Christian IV.

Attractions in Copenhagen – from the little mermaid to the aquarium a couple of steps …

Copenhagen – it’s peace and quiet expansive parks, cozy little streets, the bright light of evening disco and romantic walks along the promenade. It is beautiful in its contradiction. After all, here at the same time easy and fun. And everyone will find places of interest.