One of the main attractions is a district of Copenhagen and Nyhavn canal, which is translated from Danish means “new harbor”. The length of the channel is 1 km in length and 15 meters in width.

Channel was dug by Swedish prisoners in 1671 during the reign of King Christian V.The author of the “New Harbor” was a royal engineer B. Ruzenstin. The main purpose of building the channel was to the Danish kings to create a direct link between Eresunnskim Strait and the new Royale. At that time it was one of the main shopping areas and it was located in front of the royal palace Sharlottenborg.

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Nyhavn was the residence of the sailors, who were returning from long journeys.For a long period it was called the red light district of Copenhagen and was considered the most dangerous place in the city. In 1980, the area was restored, and the harbor was one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen.

At the beginning of the channel has a big anchor – a monument to the sailors who died in the Second World War. Along the canal for more than three hundred years, clinging to each other, lined up a fabulous colorful houses. There once lived and wrote his famous works of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Today is a landmark in Nyhavn in Copenhagen and one of the favorite places for visitors and local residents. Along the canal is full of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, souvenir shops. You can not just sit back and try the local cuisine, but also enjoy beautiful panoramic views. The old harbor is now used as a mooring for fishing vessels and small excursion boats.