National Museum

National Museum – the largest museum of cultural history in the city of Copenhagen.It is located next to Nyhavn opposite the magnificent royal residence Christiansborg.The museum contains exhibits that illustrate the history of Denmark from the Stone Age to the present, including the period of the Vikings, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance.

The National Museum is located on four floors in the palace of Prince Frederick, was built in 1743-1744 years. The author of the construction project is a famous Danish architect Nicholas Eygtved. In 1892, the official opening of the museum. Here are historical artifacts, not only in Denmark, but the ethnographic collections of other nations.

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On the ground floor of the National Museum of the exposition, which refers to the prehistoric period. Among the exhibits are particularly interesting ancient stones with runic inscriptions, Trunnholmskaya chariot, golden horns of Gallehusa, silver pot, a cart of Dayberga. Represented in the museum and a superb collection of medieval – royal medals, ancient coins, weapons, furnishings, paintings, church utensils, gold altars, tableware, jewelry. In addition to the permanent exhibition at the museum often hold specialized exhibitions.

Today, the National Museum is a repository of art, to see that a lot of people coming from all over the world.