Attractions in Copenhagen – from the little mermaid to the aquarium a couple of steps …

Copenhagen – it’s peace and quiet expansive parks, cozy little streets, the bright light of evening disco and romantic walks along the promenade. It is beautiful in its contradiction. After all, here at the same time easy and fun. And everyone will find places of interest.

 But there are several things that must be done in Copenhagen – a bike ride on local streets and visit the beautiful castle in Denmark. Such fun you always be remembered for a lifetime!

1. The Little Mermaid

It was in Copenhagen from the pages of one of the most famous fairy tales by Andersen went down a real mermaid.Her article, you can contemplate today in the capital of great originality in his country. You will find this major landmark in the port at the pier Langelini. Despite the numerous statues desecration by vandals, and today it continues to delight tourists with its bronze beauty. Now The Little Mermaid is one of Copenhagen’s character, so you should definitely go on a trip to this little gem of Denmark. Location: Port of Copenhagen.

2. Tivoli Park

Tivoli in Copenhagen – is a great amusement park, of which the main – The world-famous “American” slide, which carried the train at a speed of 80 km / h Park surprised the large and small tourists with its fun, bright and varied. After all, everything is here! Stage for the evening are different performances, pantomime theater, concerts, sweets and goodies for the kids. The culmination of the day will be held under the bright bursts of colorful fireworks or launch Chinese lanterns. Unforgettable experience for the whole family Location: Copenhagen, Klampenborg Station, Vesterbrogade 3.

3. Tivoli Gardens (City Hall)

Tivoli Gardens – the center of Copenhagen, the busiest and crowded place. It is worth coming here if you are looking for an answer to the question of what to see in Copenhagen. Several streets dotted with boutiques and Chinese restaurants, joined the Town Hall Square. On it you will find the City Museum of Copenhagen and will see a rather original thermometer. You will know the depth of hospitality Danes as day and night this place is always full of people.Endless views of jugglers, actors, musicians will cheer up even the most gloomy day. Location: Sentral Square, City Hall, 1350 Copenhagen.

4. Castle Kristianborg

Kristianborg Castle – a unique structure of granite and copper. Once it is there concentrated political power of the country. Today, you can stroll through the halls of the rich, to inhale the smell of old books in the old library. Not far from the castle you will find the ruins Kristianborg monastery Bishop Absalon. They say that he founded the capital of Denmark. Location: Slotsholmen, 1350 Copenhagen.

5. Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is located in the center of Copenhagen. One of the most striking examples of the Dutch Renaissance. It was built on the orders of King Christian IV. Today, the walls of the castle is a museum in Copenhagen, where a collection of crowns, gold cups, and other jewels of many royal families. Ornaments and symbols of power waiting for you in the castle. And after his visit, you can walk through the Royal Gardens and enjoy the amazing beauty of the well-kept avenues. Location: Oster Voldgade 4, 1350 Copenhagen.

6. Amalienborg Castle

Residence of the kings, in which the XVIII century to today’s ruling elite lives in Denmark. This is where you can meet the most modern prince or king. The castle consists of four buildings that form an octagon. Classical ensemble of the castle, the old lights, towers, and the facade of buildings will not disappoint the true connoisseurs of authentic beauty.A study interior rooms you in castles Christian VII and Christian VIII. Here is the museum of private apartments of the royal dynasty Gluckborg. Location: Oster Voldgade 4a, 1350 Copenhagen.

7. Zoo

You still have not decided what to visit in Copenhagen? Then get ready to the zoo. Even if you do not like a place where animals are kept in cages – you will like it here. If only because the cells do not, all the animals live in spacious enclosures, and some freely walk in the park. Want to see the penguins swim, sleeping behemoth, jumping kangaroo? Always wanted to feed the zebra or camel? Then be sure to visit Copenhagen Zoo. Especially if you went to travel with children. Location: Roskildevej, 38, 1350 Copenhagen.

8. Aquarium

You will find it in the park Charlottenlund and immediately notice the high stylish building. But you can guess what the splendor hidden in it? You can see here the most rare species of fish and marine animals. The four huge aquariums filled salty, fresh, hot and cold water. The temperature and other indicators strictly monitor workers. 70 Pool, Touch Pool for shrimp and snails, the ability to feed the amazing tale of fish – all this gives you a aquarium! A wonderful place to complete the tour of Copenhagen. Location: Kavalerg?rden 1, DK-2920 Charlottenlund, 1350 Copenhagen.

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