Grundtvig’s Church


One of the most original churches in the world is the church of Grundtvig. This Lutheran church, which is located in Bispeberg Copenhagen. Grundtvig’s Church is named after the Danish theologian, renowned theologian and priest Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig.

Construction of the church began in 1921 by the famous Danish architect and engineer Wilhelm Peder Jensen, Clint. The final construction of the building was completed in 1940, the son of Clint Jensen, Kaare Klint. The church is built in the expressionist style, where intertwined features of Gothic, Baroque and modern architectural styles, as well as the architecture of the Danish village churches. Particularly original west facade of the temple, which is like a church organ.

The facility was built from a special yellow brick handmade. Clint decorated nave stepped gables with double tops. Length of the inner room of the temple is 76 meters in length, the height of the nave – 22 meters. The altar in the church is built on the sketches Kaare Klint Jensen, Clint from the same yellow brick as the church. Originally, the temple was 1863 seats for the congregation, but as the gallery is closed today, in the church can be located not more than 1300 visitors.On the north side of the nave of the cathedral is a small church organ, placed here in 1940. Large church organ delivered in 1956. Its structure is the 11-meter pipes, which are the longest organ pipes in Scandinavia.

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Today, the church is open for visitors. Regularly hosts organ concerts.