Frederik’s Church

Frederik’s Church, also known as the Marble Church – one of the most important historical monuments of Copenhagen. The temple is located in the city center near the architectural complex Amalienborg Castle, near Frederiksshtaden.

The church was built in 1740 by order of King Frederick V, who wished to build a building in honor of the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the first representative of the Oldenburg dynasty.Lutheran church designed by the famous Danish architect Nicholas Eygtved. As planned by Nicholas Eytveda whole church was to be built only from the Norwegian marble. Construction of the temple suspended due to lack of funding. Only 150 years later to resume construction of the monumental buildings. In 1894, the temple was built with the financial support of industrialist Charles Frederick Tetgena. Building was redesigned by architect Ferdinand Meldalem, he reduced the height of the temple and replaced the expensive marble to cheaper limestone.

The diameter of a large green copper dome is 31metr. The mainstay of the dome are 12 massive columns. The church interior is very richly decorated. Outside the temple is decorated with statues of saints, inside buildings – gilded altar, stained glass, carved wooden benches.

Frederik’s Church is very popular among the parishioners, guests. Today the temple is one of the most famous and important historical sites in Denmark.