Danish Royal Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre – one of the first major national theaters in Denmark, was founded in 1722 under the title “Danish scene.” In 1728, due to the massive fires in Copenhagen theater burned down, a long period of time, it did not restore.

20 years after King Frederik V was issued to build a theater on the Place Royale.Construction project has developed the largest Danish architect Nicholas Eytved Rococo. July 4, 1748 laid the foundation, and in December 1748 the construction of the Royal Danish scene (so-called theater) was completed. From 1749-1871 year the theater is constantly rebuilt. The main purpose of the work is an extension of the audience and increase the scene. This has led to disastrous consequences. Exterior of the building was finally broken, damaged and also the functionality of the theater. Commission’s municipal government in 1871 decided to build a new theater building. In 1872, the foundation was laid, and in October 1874, the opening ceremony, but the final finishing work was completed in 1883 with funding from the Carlsberg Foundation.

At the end of XVIII century, at the Theatre Royal there are three leading ensembles: opera, ballet and drama. In 1857, on the basis of the theater opened its doors to students Ballet School in 1886 – School of Drama in 1909 – opera classes. Currently, the theater has two scenic areas: on one platform are dramas, the second – the operas and ballets.

Today, King’s Theatre is one of the popular historical sites.