Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall – the administrative building, which hosts a meeting of the Municipal Council and the mayor’s office was located in Copenhagen. Town Hall was built in 1479, but due to the construction of urban fires burns down twice – in 1728 and 1795. The current town hall, which we can see today, was built in 1893-1905 years. The building was designed by the famous Danish architect Martin Nyurop style “northern modern” in the likeness of the Italian Palazzo Pubblico Siena.

Completely all the town hall is built of red brick, the facade construction immortalized in gold Bishop Absalon – the founder of Copenhagen. Height of the clock tower of the town hall of modern 106.5 meters. In 1955, the Town Hall set quartz clock, it shows the time of sunrise and sunset, the length of days and nights, world clock for any city, moon phase, church calendar, plan of the planets around the sun and the sky map of Denmark. The author of the design was a talented mechanic, a member of the Astronomical Society of Danish Jens Olsen, he is forty years of his life devoted to the creation of a mechanism unique watches.

Today in the Town Hall hold meetings of the municipal council and the town hall, also held a variety of exhibitions and city cultural events. Copenhagen City Hall near the main railway station and leisure center “Tivoli”.

Copenhagen City Hall is a popular attraction in Denmark, which visits during the year a huge number of tourists from all over the world.