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National Museum

National Museum – the largest museum of cultural history in the city of Copenhagen.It is located next to Nyhavn opposite the magnificent royal residence Christiansborg.The museum contains exhibits that illustrate the history of Denmark from the Stone Age to the present, including the period of the Vikings, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance.

Danish Royal Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre – one of the first major national theaters in Denmark, was founded in 1722 under the title “Danish scene.” In 1728, due to the massive fires in Copenhagen theater burned down, a long period of time, it did not restore.

University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen is the largest public educational institution in Denmark, which also has a huge research and training center. University was opened June 1, 1479 by King Christian I. The university was created by the type of German universities.

Rosenborg Palace

Rosenborg Palace – a historic building in the center of Copenhagen. Large architectural complex was designed by King Christian IV in 1606-1624 years as a summer royal residence. In 1624, the castle was re-designed in the Flemish Renaissance architect Hans Stenvinkel Junior.